Streaming Video

In addition to the videos in our library, district teachers and students also have access to over 20TB of videos in Discovery Education’s video library. These videos and video clips may be viewed live on demand, downloaded to your computer and shown to the class with a projector, used on an individual computer, downloaded and saved to a CD, or used in a multi-media project. There are writing prompts, assignments, quizzes, and more available, tied to content standards and fully searchable.

Please contact REMC1 if you want more information about this exciting technology. You can access Discovery Education here.

REMC1 also supports the statewide streaming project, MIStreamnet. This provides timely access to information from MDE, MSBO, and other organizations in a convenient format. You can view MIStreamnet content directly on your desktop computer, live during presentations, or on demand via their archives. You can access MIStreamnet here.