Rate Sheet

REMC1 provides services for the benefit of students and staff of the REMC1 region. Some services are available for REMC members only, some are available for other non-profits, and some are available to other entities, when not otherwise reserved by our members.

All service requests for non-members are evaluated on a per-use basis as they relate to supporting education.

All reservations are on a first come basis.

Please contact the REMC office with any questions, or for reservations.

ServiceMemberEducational / Government / NonprofitFull Rates
CutOut Maker /sheet$0.50$1.00n/a
Hot Laminating /foot$0.25$1.00n/a
CD/DVD Disk Repair /each$1.00$2.00n/a
StarLab /dayn/c$30.00n/a
Pricing for Poster Printer
MemberEducational / Government / Nonprofit
$6.00 per poster, plus material:$9.00 per poster, plus material:
Adhesive 24"$2.00/ft.Adhesive 24"$3.50/ft.
Banner 36"$2.50/ft.Banner 36"$4.25/ft.
LaborMemberEducational / Government / NonprofitFull Rates
Staff /hr (office)$50.00$60.00$70.00
Staff OT /hr (office)$75.00$100.00$115.00
Staff Emergency /hr (Min. 1 hour)$90.00$120.00n/a
Staff /hr (onsite, including travel time)$50.00$75.00$120.00
Professional Development (hour)$100.00$150.00n/a
Professional Development (half day)$200.00$300.00n/a
Professional Development (full day)$400.00$600.00n/a