Blended Instruction
October 13, 2016--GOISD
October 14, 2016--CCISD
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

Are you a K-12 teacher looking for ways to incorporate technology in your classroom? Are wondering how you can utilize whatever technology you have to support quality teaching and learning? Then this event is for you! 

Participants Will:
  • Explore practical ways to implement blended learning in the classroom
  • Maximize the technology you have to engage and support students
  • Investigate digital tools that assess and capture student understanding
  • Intentionally design a blended lesson suited to your classroom needs

Educators who attend this one-day, free workshop will be guided by the instructors to understand and identify how blended learning can be used to personalize learning. Participants will be introduced to the benefits of blending learning, try out a variety of digital tools, enhance a unit they are already teaching by blending digital tools with face-to-face instruction, create a digital assessment and more.

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