Professional Development

Summer 2017 Professional Development Workshops

PowerSchool Users Group Meeting

May 18 CCISD

June 1 GOISD

9:00a.m. - 12:30p.m.

This workshop is designed for the PowerSchool admins to discuss new updates and year-end tasks in PowerSchool and the opportunity to collaborate on best-practice tips and resources.

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Learn the Whole Caboodle on Moodle--3 SCECHs

June 23 GOISD--Cancelled due to low enrollment

June 30 CCISD

12:30-4:00 p.m.

Join REMC 1's Moodle Evangelists, Steve Kass and Mark Nordin, for the latest updates and features to Moodle, how it can be used in your classroom, and tips on designing your own courses in this robust learning management system.  Time will also be allotted to work on your course under the guidance of seasoned Moodle users!

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G Suite for Education--5 SCECHS

July 20 CCISD

August 10 GOISD


Google recently overhauled their Apps for Education and with the changes, comes a new name--G Suite.  Steve Kass, REMC1's Google Certified Trainer, will walk you through some of these changes and will help assist you with implementing the new G Suite into your classroom!

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Classroom Maker--5 SCECHs

July 28 CCISD

August 18 GOISD

9 a.m.-3p.m.

The maker movement is a broad term that integrates "play" with learning as students design, create, innovate, and "tinker" with tools.  This workshop will prepare teachers to utilize the maker space kit that is available for teachers to check-out from REMC1 for free.  

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Tech Tools for Formative Assessment--3 SCECHs

August 15 CCISD

August 22 GOISD--Cancelled due to low enrollment


Good teachers know that they must periodically take the “pulse” of their classrooms to ensure learning is alive and well.  Join Steve Kass, REMC1’s Educational Technologist, to learn about tools that will help you check your classroom’s heartbeat!

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Fostering Creativity and Student Engagement with Technology--3 SCECHs

August 8 CCISD 9a.m.-12:30p.m.

August 22 GOISD 1:00-4:30 p.m. --Cancelled due to low enrollment

Boredom and lack of engagement can be huge roadblocks to student learning.  During this session, we’ll learn how to unleash the power of technology to create engaging learning environments that promote creative thinking and expression.  

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PowerSchool Essentials for School Administrators

August 24 CCISD

August 25 GOISD

10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Join Ted Belej and Steve Kass from REMC1 for a PowerSchool workshop, geared towards superintendents, principals, and guidance counselors.  This workshop will start with a broad overview of how schools use PowerSchool to record student information and report data for receiving state funding, including updates on the TRIG Data Hubs project.  We will then review common day-to-day tasks relevant to administrators, followed by an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on using PowerSchool.  

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 For registration assistance, please contact Jamie Johnson at 482-4520 ext. 202 or Loret Roberts at 482-0331 ext. 180

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