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REMC 1 supports responsible recycling.  Technology creates a large amount of waste, and much of it is toxic.

Cell phones, ink cartridges, toner cartridges -

REMC 1 coordinates a recycling program for the local schools that gives the schools money and technology for used cell phones, ink and toner cartridges.  So far we've recycled over 8,000 cartridges, and over 13,000 pounds of cartridges!  We participate in the Funding Factory recycling program.

You can drop off used ink cartridges at the REMC office or at most local schools.  We also partner with local businesses, so if you have a large volume or would like to be a collection center, we can set you up as a business supporter and have prepaid shipping boxes and/or shipping labels delivered to you at no cost.  

You can sign up at here and we are ID #8730.


Computers, monitors, printers and other electronic peripherals -

While schools budgets are tight and they can always use more technology, often times donated equipment costs more in setup, maintenance and support than it is worth.  If you have older technology that your school doesn't want, don't throw it away.  Goodwill in Michigan (and 5 other states) has partnered with Dell to provide environmentally responsible recycling.  They will resell what they can, and break down and recycle what's left.  

Educational entities can also check out this recycling program from Apple Computer (sorry, not for personal recycling).  

Rechargable batteries can be recycled for free at many locations, including Remi Battery, NAPA auto, and other sites searchable here.

Michigan DEQ has more information about e-waste and recycling available here.

Other vendors also offer trade in and recycling programs as well.