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WWW Content filtering -

REMC1 uses a system called Fortigate from Fortiguard for filtering web pages.   There are over 50 categories that Fortigate uses for filtering; if you would like to know what category a individual site is listed under click here (form in the top right corner).  

If you would like a site unblocked or a override created you should contact your or districts administration for approval.

If you have questions about what categories are being filtered you can contact REMC1. 

All website access is logged. All user overrides are fully tracked by user id and IP address.

Email SPAM filtering -
REMC1 schools use 2 different SPAM filtering solutions.  Schools using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) for email services are now relying on Google for SPAM filtering. All SPAM reporting and review is in the Gmail web interface.

Other REMC1 clients are using a SPAM filter appliance called Mail Foundry.  You may get a daily email of quarantined messages from the Mail Foundry, showing what messages have been blocked as SPAM or virus traffic.  This guarantees that you never lose a message, as you can view or release any SPAM message that was clicked accidently.  You can also report it as not SPAM by forwarding it to